A Lot of Apps in a Single Cloud

Google Apps itself has 4 categories of Apps. Apps to communicate, store, collaborate and manage.
All these apps are user friendly and is the most used applications for business all over.

Google Apps For Work

Google Apps is a cloud computing software tool offered by Google on a subscription basis that could provide your organization with an entirely new experience to collaborate and work online. It is a cloud based package designed for all kinds of business, be it big or small. You can work together not only with files and documents but work along with the chat and video conference option available. Google Apps as a package includes a variety of popular applications including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Hangout etc. A custom email address with 30 GB inbox space backed by 24x7 support is the main highlight. It is a package of programs that effectively runs in a web browser to make your daily work schedule more easy and productive. Other than the normal software or program that needs to be updated many times, Google Apps is a welcome change for them.

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Google Apps Service Dubai UAE

Why Choose Google Apps for Work?

  • Makes the workplace more effective and thereby increase productivity.
  • More storage at competitive pricing.
  • Work anytime on any device anywhere; your apps on the go.
  • Get your emails customized at your domain, also you can customize with your favourite themes!!! Interesting…
  • 99.9% uptime , in short 0% downtime.
  • You can share your documents and your screen with your team. More than 10 people can share your screen.
  • Work, create, share and edit files with your colleagues, project team or even your customer or client.
  • High end security for your mails and documents.
  • Compatible with both PC and Mac.
  • Work on any browser. Browser compatibility is an added advantage of Google Apps.
  • Competitively priced to favor for small and medium organizations.

Google APPS Product Overview

Work from anywhere and from any device is the best promise that Google apps deliver. You can enjoy an undisturbed email experience from any device, be it your mobile, tab or computer. The access to work on a document at different places and the option to edit the same on different devices makes your work more flexible. Google Apps provides the controls for securing your devices and data. Such a kind of security system keeps all data safe from all disruptions as everything is there in the cloud. With Google Apps collaborative feature, a file can be shared with your colleagues what they can edit in real time. When you are using Google Apps, you don’t need to send attachments or edit a file and upload it many times, all happens in one go when you edit your file in the drive and share. You can even schedule meetings and events in your Google calendar and get meeting reminders to your mailbox and keep the whole team ready for events and meetings. Join video meetings through hangouts to share, review and edit your docs and slides.

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Google Apps Products Preview
Google Gmail

GmailGet custom email (@yourcompany.com) and more

Google Apps Products Mobile Preview
Google Hangouts

HangoutsMeet face to face with coworkers and customers

Google Apps Products Tablet Preview
Google Calendar

CalendarIntegrated online calendars designed for teams

Google Apps Products Laptop Preview
Google Plus

Google+A social network designed for business

Google Apps Products Watch Preview
Google Contacts

ContactsGoogle Contacts is your online address book

Google Apps Products Preview
Google Docs

DocsWord processing for teams

Google Apps Products Mobile Preview
Google Sheets

SheetsAdvanced, fast, online spreadsheets

Google Apps Products Tablet Preview
Google Slides

SlidesBeautiful presentations created together

Google Apps Products Laptop Preview
Google Forms

FormsEasy to create surveys and forms for everyone

Google Apps Products Watch Preview
Google Sites

SitesEasy-to-create websites for your teams

Google Apps Products Preview
Google Drive

DriveStore, sync and share files with ease

Google Apps Products Tablet Preview
Google Admin

AdminManage Google Apps for your organization

Google Apps Products Mobile Preview
Google Vault

VaultAdd archiving and eDiscovery to Google Apps

Google Gmail


Get custom email (@yourcompany.com) and more

Build professional email address in Gmail. Create a number of mailing lists like marketing@yourcompany, sales@yourcompany.com etc.

Learn more about the Gmail

Google Hangouts


Meet face to face with coworkers and customers

Hangout helps you to meet face to face with coworkers and customers. With hangout you can create, co-ordinate and join chats and video meetings with people in different offices, different countries or different continents.

Learn more about the Hangouts

Google Calendar


Integrated online calendars designed for teams

It is a web based calendar application that enables employees to work together efficiently and minimize cost. Google calendar helps you schedule appointments and meetings at ease.

Learn more about the Calendars

Google Plus


A social network designed for business

Google plus is Google’s social media where you can update your status, post photos, organize different groups or circles, messaging, text, audio and video chat.

Learn more about the Google+

Google Contacts


Google Contacts is your online address book

Google Contact is a free contact management tool for Gmail provided by Google Apps. This facility enables employees to share contacts with each other in an organization.

Learn more about the Contacts

Google Docs


Word processing for teams

Write, edit, review and collaborate is what Google Docs entails. You can edit documents on the go with smart formatting and editing tools.

Learn more about the Docs

Google Sheets


Advanced, fast, online spreadsheets

Similar to Docs, this is an online spreadsheet where users can create, collaborate and edit spread sheet with other people. Excel sheets can be imported and converted to spreadsheets.

Learn more about the Sheets

Google Slides


Beautiful presentations created together

Google slides is an online presentation app that allows you to show off your work in a visual way. With Google slides you can create and edit presentations and share with their groups, colleagues and team.

Learn more about the Slides

Google Forms


Easy to create surveys and forms for everyone

Forms can be created effortlessly using Google Forms. You can easily conduct a survey, collect details like contact numbers & address, conduct a quick poll, plan and raise opinions on an event etc using these forms.

Learn more about the Forms

Google Sites


Easy-to-create websites for your teams

A Google site is an easy way to create secure web pages for intranets and team projects. No coding or HTML is required for the same.

Learn more about the Sites

Google Drive


Store, sync and share files with ease

Drive is file storage and sharing service that allows users to store and save files in the cloud. It allows users to store any files in the cloud like documents, photos, stories, videos, drawings, recordings etc.

Learn more about the Drive

Google Admin


Manage Google Apps for your organization

Admin provides security and control and allows you to manage Google apps for your organization. You can add users, manage device and configure security settings to keep your data safe.

Learn more about the Admin

Google Vault


Add archiving and eDiscovery to Google Apps

Google Apps vault is an add-on for Google apps that enables retention, archiving, searching and exporting email and chat messages for any possible future use.

Learn more about the Vault

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Google Apps for Work Partner
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ALMEKA is a well known name in the IT & Wellness industry in India and UAE. The company was founded by a group of budding professionals in 2007. Almeka is an IT services, business, web solutions, SEO and online marketing solutions organization that deliver real results to businesses globally with assured level of reliability and performance.

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Why select ALMEKA as your Google Apps for Work Partner?

Almeka provides numerous online and offline services for UAE companies. We have a huge client base all over UAE, especially in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu dhabi for whom we provide endless online and offline IT & advertising services. Almeka provides online services like website designing, web development, Google Apps, mobile apps, SEO services, hosting services and emails, and other offline services like graphic designing, web applications etc. to more than 200 companies in UAE focusing on Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

  • Authorized Google for work partner in UAE.
  • More than 8 years of experience in the UAE as the most confided IT & Advertising service providers in the UAE.
  • Top-notch services for migration from other platforms and keeps you at ease during the transition process and ensures smooth switching.
  • Transfer of accounts from the existing reseller to Almeka’s account can be done at a breeze with 0% downtime persistent.
  • The client servicing Almeka team constantly focuses on continuously enriching user experience.
  • Our expert Google Apps supporting team assists you to explore, arrange and deliver.
  • Training provided for new users upon request.
  • 75 plus satisfied organization with thousands of satisfied users.
  • Special package for 25 plus user accounts.
  • Almeka stays as a reliable cloud advisor to its 75+ Google apps user accounts and stands by meeting the changing.

Your Google apps partner in Dubai UAE

Call +971 6 552 9051 / send your enquiry to info@almeka.org for further details.

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